Mail Order Business

As a marketing company dedicated to restaurants that provides products and services with high added value, we help customers become flourishing businesses.

Satsuma Ebisudo sells original bottles of shochu, wine and other beverages affixed with original labels designed based on a shop's logo and name, and provides originally-designed drink menus matching the labels along with sales promotional tools such as posters, thereby helping restaurants around Japan boost sales and improve guest satisfaction.
Today, Satsuma Ebisudo's partners have grown to about 25,000 stores around Japan, and the company is the largest in Japan by sales of shochu and wine with original bottles.
Call center operators conduct sales over the telephone in the form of mail order sales. For shochu and wine, original products are purchased from multiple breweries and wineries. Designers then produce labels and sales promotional tools and deliver them to stores. We are working to develop new channels other than call centers in the future.

Business Model