Shareholder Returns & Dividends

Shareholder Return

We have established the basic policy of enhancing corporate value by strengthening management foundations and improving management efficiency based on aggressive business expansion, and returning profits to shareholders on an ongoing and stable basis. As we continue to proactively engage in future-minded investment, we aim to deliver a dividend payout ratio of around 30%. Our basic policy is to offer a once-yearly dividend at the end of the fiscal term to apportion surplus funds. Also note that as the return of profits to shareholders is implemented flexibly based on the company's business performance, the company's articles of incorporate state that "a dividend of surplus funds may be distributed as an interim dividend to shareholders or registered pledgees of shares by resolution of the Board of Directors, using the last day of February each year as the reference date." The decision-making bodies regarding the apportionment of these surplus funds are the General Meeting of Shareholders for year-end dividends and the Board of Directors for interim dividends.